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Intranet Development

Intranet Development

Intranet portal helps in complement powerful and exertion less correspondences inside associations. This elite intranet web development gives our customer’s worker base the chance to get to an extensive variety of inner information and data which helps in the simple and smooth working of the organization or association. Through this Intranet Web Portal Development information, data and other asset information is traded inside a specific association.

Some of our Web Portal Development services incorporate the B2B(Business to Business Web Portals), B2C (Business to Customer Web Portals), Social systems administration web portals, Community web portals, Corporate Intranet and extranet portals and also custom Portal development. This web portal development is attempted by us guaranteeing its customers the most recent included and propelled usefulness web portals that increments and improves thae fundamental customer base. It’s a very exertion less, cost viably medium to reach once customers while exhibiting and speaking with a worldwide customer arrange.

Intranet is a portal which provides for a dashboard facility. It is a common platform which can be accessed by the people who are linked to each other to achieve a common purpose. Employees’ portal, Daily reports, Resource billing, Attendance, Leaves, Benefits, Tax calculations and many more are a part of Intranet development. Intranet is  a Hub used by the corporates, banks & such other financial institutions. Pixselo professionals can develop most user-friendly Intranet portals with all the required specifications.

The Process

  • Concept

  • Design

  • Develop

  • Testing

  • Launch