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Why are Companies Outsourcing to India?

According to a recent study, 80% of European and US companies outsourcing to India as their main outsourcing goal. For what reason do organizations want to outsource to India? Is it as a result of amazing work, a great time zone, outsourcing-friendly policies or low work cost? The appropriate response is the greater part of the above. Throughout the years, India has advanced into being the world’s most favored outsourcing country for a large group of IT companies all over the globe. India is one of only a handful few outsourcing areas that offer a few focal points that empower associations to work productively, cut down on cost and enhance quality at the same time.

Factors Influencing  web design outsourcing to India

  • Favorable government policies.
  • Available Human Resource.
  • Fast growing infrastructure.
  • High-Quality Services.
  • Unique time zone advantage.
  • Affordable cost services.
  • Preferred outsourcing location.

Why choose Pixselo Technologies?

At pixselo Technologies, we design websites by combining Creativity with Technology. We are specialists in web designing and development with an outrageous focus on the nature of the work that we do. We generally expect to convey each new undertaking with higher quality standards. Thus, expand your business on the web, open the way to new openings, and experience enormous development with our special, substantial, and result-oriented services.

What makes us special?

  • We have highly talented, experienced and professional technical team.
  • We offer flexible pricing options at low costs.
  • Consistent high-quality services with 100% work satisfaction.
  • We use the best and most recent software technologies.

About Pixselo – Web Development Outsourcing Company India

Pixselo Technologies is a Bangalore-based IT company, which was founded in 2013 with the aim of providing specialized and high-quality professional services related to Technology. Our objective is to create a company that always delivers on its commitments and exceeds client expectations. We approach each of our projects with a passion for innovation and imagination – creating high-quality digital experiences that get tangible results. On top of that, we opened our virtual doors to some amazing new places around the world, We’ve been lucky enough to work with clients from across the Globe – from Switzerland, USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Panama, Norway, Canada, Japan plus cities all over India and next year we welcome even more beautiful destinations.

Web design outsourcing company in India

If you are looking for a web development company in India for outsourcing your web design and development projects, Pixselo Technologies is there to meet all your prerequisites. Pixselo in a short span of time has established itself as a leading website outsourcing company in India. Our outsourcing services include web design, web development, search engine optimization services, application development, PHP development, website development and programming based on Linux and windows.

Our web maintenance services

Pixselo web maintenance services include web maintenance for a static website, website maintenance for a database-driven website, flash web maintenance, etc. Contact us today for redesigning your website, website maintenance, and web maintenance company in Bangalore, India. At Pixselo Technologies, we have a tendency to convey inventive and talented website design services to small businesses similar as large organizations. E-commerce or a database-driven dynamic web application, Pixselo has the coveted involvement and mastery to do everything.

Website outsourcing companies in India

In these days, websites became a standout amongst the most important marketing and sales tool and that’s the reason we meet all aspects of web design for our clients as well as graphics, programming, usability, animation and so on. As such, we assure you that we take care of everything associated with your website design and not only “the look”. You know your business, we know each design and innovation, and we are able to assemble your website design and work smarter for your business. Contact our team today and we should examine how we are able to improve the situation to you!

Advantages of Outsourcing 

Web design outsourcing will actually enable your company to develop and save Money. Here are a few advantages of outsourcing.

  1. Spotlight On Core Activities:

In rapid development periods, the back-office operations of a company will expand also. This expansion may start to expend resources like human resource and financial assets, to the detriment of the center activities that have made your company fruitful.

  1. Cost and efficiency saving:

Outsourcing is a good decision when you have back-end office functions that are very difficult in nature, Hence it is advised to opt web design service from our reputed web design outsourcing company in Bangalore, India.

  1. Continuity and Risk Management:

Times of high representative turnover will add uncertainty and inconsistency to the operations. Outsourcing will give a quality workmanship to the company,  and by decreasing the risk that a substandard level of a task would convey to the organization.

  1. Create Internal Staff:

A large venture or projects should be undertaken that requires skill sets that your staff does not have. On-site outsourcing of the projects will bring individuals with the abilities you require in your company. Your staff can work alongside them to acquire the new range of skills and abilities.

Affordable Web Design Packages

Pixselo has launched affordable web design packages which include, site optimization, hosting services and search engine optimization. These web design outsourcing packages match all small, medium and large enterprises.
So what are you waiting for? Would you be interested in talking to us? Contact us today.

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