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Static vs Dynamic Website Differences: Which Suits You?

Static vs Dynamic Website Design

Website designing is mainly two types. Learn about the Static v/s Dynamic Website differences today.

Static Website Designing

With Static website designing one can create as many pages as required without any custom coding or databases.

Static websites are suitable for the ones that do not require frequent updates or changes and are best for the websites that have to display information with versatile patterns & colors.

There are many advantages of a Static web design.

    • Static web designs are easy to create.

    • User-friendly navigation

    • The cost of a static web design is less compared to a dynamic & can be fit into the budget.

    • Information like brochures, and images can be downloaded easily.

    • Easy customization of appearance, layout, pictures, etc.

From a learning perspective, a beginner shall start with static designing.

therefore to create a static web page, knowledge of HTML coding & minimum scripting is required.

Dynamic Website Designing

In addition, Dynamic websites are more interactive, functional and easy to update.

Rather it takes some time to develop such websites.

Hence developing dynamic websites is quite expensive.

Many features of a dynamic website include a Content Management Systeme-commerce systems, discussions, dashboards, integration framework & many others.

There are no limitations while creating dynamic websites. For dynamic websites, different pages are created using scripting languages like PHP, Javascript, and ASP & then integrated.

In addition, a dynamic website contains server-side scripting that generates changes in the content or scripting types.

Depending on the client’s requirements, information can be stored in the database with the dynamic website.

Following are a few advantages of a dynamic website design.

    • Interactive and large websites can be created.

    • Control panel access can be given to the admin to make changes without any technical knowledge.

    • Easy to update the changes

    • More functional websites.

    • Quickly convertible to responsive.

Both static and dynamic type of websites have great features. Based on the user’s requirements, one can choose which method is best to follow and our designers in Pixselo Technologies will help you with that.

For simple & fixed requirements Static methods are suitable while dynamic methods can be followed to build real-time websites.

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